The devoted team of leaders, workers, and volunteers at Aurora Adult Day Services are committed to serving the organization and all whose lives we improve through our programs and services. We could not provide the level of care that we offer without their selfless dedication.




Susan Brazill

Judy Utz

Susan Brazill, President

Martha Augat

Monique Brannon

Steven Molenda

Kim Schmauss

Theresa Woodward


Executive Director:

Susan Lyons Clapp

Program Coordinator:

Rebekah Pichardo

Administrative Assistant:

Jairo Pichardo

Program Staff:

Marilyn Deni

Deborah Diebold

Kay Manchester

Ruth McDonnell

Jessica Oakley

Lorraine Reagan

Dena Renaldo


Thomas Alcamo

Don Bach

Jane Beyer

Eileen Blackman

Sue Brazill

Lance Crawford

Sandy Crawford

Maxi Ferroux

Marian Field

Ellie Greene

Barbara Grossmayer

Brenda Hartley

John Hughes

Carol Jenney

Michael McGee

Gerald Parrish

Jane Robbins

Anne Rogers

Rebecca Suttell

Ann Thill

Judy Utz

John Voss

Pam Voss

Peter Westphal

Bob Young

Senior Notes

Paws for Love

When we arrived, we are greeted with love and compassion, and Mom comes home much more alert and engaged. I truly feel blessed that she is in the care of so many angels.